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Tummy is the answer to a flaw in the ever so common search for food and restaurants. With Tummy, you have the closest and most convenient options at your fingertips all in a matter of seconds. We understand the time-drain and inefficiency of sifting through pages of results full of information, reviews, and pictures when wanting to find high quality food options quickly. Tummy removes the excess information and gives you the top 3 choices around you based off your preferences.


With Tummy, we've given you a list of all the possible cravings you can think of. This includes specific foods and categories such as Italian, American, Greek, dessert, coffee, breakfast, bars and more. Once you've chosen your desired craving and location, we've integrated 3rd party map and ride sharing apps like Waze, Uber and Lyft to get you where you want to go, the way you want to.

Waze - 3rd Party Map App
Lyft - 3rd Party Ride Sharing App
Uber - 3rd Party Ride Sharing App

Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, let us simplify your life and help you find your next meal. 

Listen to your Tummy!

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